Friday, 30 December 2016

Reality vs. Fan fiction 33

>> Throwback Wednesday
> Austin and Chloe in New York City on October 21, 2014

>> Chloe Bennet posted on January 16, 2017: Save a horse, ride a (VERY SERIOUS) cowboy. Lol. #mcm · Instagram photo

>> Austin Nichols, Chloe Bennet and their fur babies · January 14, 2017 · Instagram story Part 2
>> Jake Gyllenhaal flying from Los Angeles to New York on January 14, 2017 · tweet

>> Tin Hat Friday #prairiegirl #OMG #therearenowords · tweet

>> Throwback Friday > Chloe Bennet sings for Austin Nichols · Video from January 5, 2014

Meet my friend Britney @chloebennet4 anybody looking for an impersonator? 🎤👌🙈

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>> Bates Motel

> Confirmation: ‘Bates Motel’: ‘The Walking Dead’s Austin Nichols To Recur on Season 5

> Austin Nichols posted on January 9, 2017: "Checking in..."

> 'Bates Motel' reminder
ChefB: "Ran into Austin Nichols on the #BatesMotel set say what??? Love him on #OneTreeHill and #TheWalkingDead @yvrshoots @WhatsFilming" · September 26, 2016 · tweet

>> Jake Gyllenhaal presenting at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, January 8, 2017 · audience photos · Jake presenting video · Jake presenting photos · behind the scenes

>> Throwback Sunday > Austin Nichols posted on January 10, 2016: #goldenglobewinner · Instagram photo

>> January 6, 2017 > Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso on the beach in St Barts

>> Chloe Bennet: He might be more committed to his broken glasses than me. I mean, most likely not it but it's a tight race. · January 5, 2017 · Instagram photo

>> January 4, 2017 > Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso on the beach in St Barts

>> Throwback Toothy Tile Wednesday

Posted by Gardena on 24-11-2016:
Anyone remember the Toothy Tile blind item from about 10 years ago? Some nutters took it too far and Jake Gyllenhaal ended up with 5 or 6 hidden children too. There is obviously a market for basement babies.

Posted by amelia99:
I remember it but I never found out who Toothy Tile was. I must have missed the "reveal." Must have missed lots as I don't know why it would involve hidden kids.

Posted by Gardena:
There never was a reveal but "everyone" eventually believed it to be Jake (with actor Austin Nichols cast in the role of Grey Goose). The crazy concentrated itself mostly in two places. Here and here

The first group gave up way earlier and proceeded to make fun of the second blog. The second blog fell apart when Austin got a serious public girlfriend they couldn't talk away.

The first kid came from one of Ted Casablanca's Toothy blind items, something about "swirling juices" (that really was the language used).

'Larries and other tinhats' on · capture

>> Austin and Chloe back in Los Angeles · January 2, 2017

>> Jake Gyllenhaal, Greta Caruso and Jon Bon Jovi in St Barts on January 1, 2017 · more photos

>> Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso jogging in St. Barts on December 31, 2016 · more photos

>> Austin, Chloe and friends in Texas > New Year's celebration
> Videos from December 31, 2016 & January 1, 2017

> More Instagram story videos: Happy Austin #terrace · Everybody dance! · Make a wish · With Austin's sister and brother in law

> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet are winning · Instagram video

> Austin has the moves! · Instagram video

>> Austin, Chloe and friends > Holidays in Texas

> Dinner with friends · December 30, 2016 · source

> Cooking dinner with friends - Busy kitchen in Austin, TX · December 30, 2016 · Instagram story by Chloe Bennet: Instagram video Part 1 · Instagram video Part 2 · Instagram video Part 3 · Instagram video Part 4 · Instagram video Part 5

> 'Happy New Year' video recorded in Austin's Austin, TX house.
Chloe posted the same video: "This took 8 takes and 3/4ths of my soul to make. @shawski @austinnichols @brabrabre @emmyapeck"

> AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · December 30, 2016
#MannequinChallenge #RondaVsNunes #ufc Happy New Year · tweet

#mannequinchallenge #ufc #rousey Happy New Year

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>> Jake - St Barts vacation with Greta

>> Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Shirtless in St. Barts, Takes a Surfing Lesson with Greta Caruso #JustJared

>> Jake Gyllenhaal with a mystery man on the beach in St Barts · December 29, 2016 · more photos

>> Throwback Friday
> Jake Gyllenhaal, Greta Caruso aka Mystery Woman and Chris Fischer in New York City in 2006 · more photos

>> prairiegirl aka @GoosesTile is so important and influential that Jake G's Management tapped her phone ... LOL, only in her dreams! PG was caught in an especially stupid lie. More details in comments. · PG's tweets · PG's insane lies