Friday, 8 February 2008

Gay in Hollywood

"Strangely enough, some gay actors say that while America's comfort level has improved considerably, the entertainment industry hasn't caught up. It may be 2007, they say, but the vibe inside studio casting offices can feel surprisingly like 1957.

These actors say being outed remains a huge threat to a performer's career, particularly for men. An announcement, even a rumor, can eliminate them from the running for straight roles – the roles that make up the vast majority of available work.
"From an actor's point of view, I understand why they are scared to death of saying anything for fear of being pigeonholed," casting director Matt Messinger says. "Gay people are cast as straight all the time. But if you're asking if things have improved for openly gay actors, I can't say it's any easier now."

Source: article Two sides to gay in Hollywood