Saturday, 29 July 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 43

>> Jake Gyllenhaal at John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1 on August 20, 2017 #TheSistersBrothers · Instagram photo

>> Austin Nichols is Solar Eclipse ready · August 21, 2017

#solareclipse ready

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>> Austin Nichols in Boston
> Walker Stalker Con on August 19 & 20, 2017
> Busy Philipps and Austin Nichols with friends in Boston on August 19, 2017 · video one · video two
> Posted by Austin: Instagram video from August 18 · tweet from August 19 · more photos

>> 'The Sisters Brothers' movie in Romania > Casting call: Filming takes place between August 18 and September 15, 2017.

>> Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso in New York City on August 17, 2017 · Facebook source

>> Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso in New York City on August 15, 2017 · more IHJ photos

>> Jake Gyllenhaal in New York: breakfast with mother Naomi and Greta · with two unknown women · with Greta Caruso

>> Jake Gyllenhaal in New York City on August 10, 2017 #IHJ

>> Prairiegirl aka @GoosesTile run out of Jake and Austin lies and decided to lie about Wet Dark and Wild blog being deleted by Jake's Mgmnt: "It will probably remain a mystery about the total disappearance of WDW, but the picture remains clear that Jake's team are drawing shutters, closing windows, and sealing doors. The first sign was the firing of Ted Casablanca within six months of Jake signing with WME in 2012, and the expunging has only continued since then. Articles being deleted from the Internet, links removed, dates altered, twitter accounts suddenly inactive or privated, etc." · Epic Fail · screen capture

> Because laughable J/A fiction is so very important!

>> Entertainment Weekly: Jake Gyllenhaal loves all your reactions to his crazy performance in 'Okja'

>> Austin and Paul working together > Posted on Instagram Stories by Paul Wesley on August 9, 2017 · source

>> Posted on August 8, 2017: We enjoyed having Jake Gyllenhaal as our guest at Hotel Viñas de Lárrede. Jake, it was a pleasure having you here with us and we hope you come back to see us again soon! #Spain #TheSistersBrothers · Instagram photo

>> Back in Texas
> Austin Nichols with a fan from San Antonio, TX on August 7, 2017 · source 1 · source 2 · same place, another fan

>> Austin Nichols in Tulsa on August 5, 2017 #WalkerStalkerCon · Tulsa Walker Stalker Con photos from August 5 & 6 >> Jake Gyllenhaal and Leo in New York, date unknown · Instagram source · big photo

>> Austin Nichols posted on August 4, 2017: Going to Oklahoma today! · Instagram video


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>> Austin Nichols posted on August 3, 2017: Packin my bags for Oklahoma. See y'all soon. @WalkrStalkrCon · tweet

>> Austin Nichols in Austin, TX · August 1, 2017


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>> Austin Nichols, Patrick Flueger, Ivan Shaw & friends in Austin, TX · July 31, 2017 >> Austin Nichols with friends in Austin, TX · July 30, 2017 > Posted by Ivan Shaw from Lake Austin

>> Austin Nichols with friends in Austin, TX · July 29, 2017

>> Austin Nichols with friends in Austin, TX · July 28, 2017

>> Austin back in Texas · July 28, 2017


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>> Ivan Shaw posted on July 28, 2017 from Austin, TX

>> July 27, 2017: Photos of Jake Gyllenhaal in Jaca, Spain this week: just Jake · Jake with unknown woman #TheSistersBrothers

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 42

>> 'Stronger' will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival #TIFF

>> ET Online: Why Jake Gyllenhaal Was the Only Choice for 'Stronger' -- Plus, See the Movie's Emotional Poster

>> Happy Birthday Paul!
> On July 23, 2017 > Paul Wesley and Austin Nichols with a fan in Ibiza, Spain · source tweet · Paul Wesley with a fan in Ibiza

> On July 23, 2017 > Austin Nichols posted: Somewhere in the Mediterranean... · Instagram photo · Mediterranean photos posted by Paul Wesley: photo one · photo two

Somewhere in the Mediterranean...

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>> Jake Gyllenhaal in Huesca, Spain on July 22, 2017 · source tweet · 'The Sisters Brothers' cast in Huesca, Spain on July 16, 2017

>> Austin Nichols posted on July 21, 2017: My new best friend. @shihabidina miss you already. Goodbye Portugal · Instagram photo

>> 11 years ago > Paul Wesley and Austin Nichols in 2006

>> Austin Nichols with Paul Wesley in Portugal on July 21, 2017
> Just chilling · source tweet
> Austin Nichols tweeted: Such good friends. Miss you already! Goodbye Portugal · tweet
> Paul Wesley posted: My two best buds / traveling adventure buddies. · Instagram photo

>> Austin Nichols with Paul Wesley in Portugal on July 20, 2017

>> July 19, 2017
> Austin Nichols with Paul Wesley in Portugal · Instagram photo

> Jake Gyllenhaal in Spain #TheSistersBrothers · source tweet

>> Portugal, July 19, 2017

A strong, positive image is one of the key factors for success. Why not start with a haircut? #OnlyClassicNoShit

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>> Austin Nichols and Paul Wesley bRomance · July 18, 2017
> Austin, Paul, friends and puppies in Portugal > Instagram stories videos by Paul: video one · video two
> Austin Nichols posted on Instagram: #bRomance
> Instagram story by Dina

>> Page Six: Jake Gyllenhaal spent a relaxed Sunday afternoon at the dog park · New York, July 16, 2017

>> Jake Gyllenhaal out for a stroll with mother Naomi in New York City on Sunday, July 16, 2017 · more photos

>> Austin Nichols and Paul Wesley are in Portugal
Figaros Barbershop Lisboa posted: You know when you are in town a visit to Figaro's is almost mandatory when are a man of good taste and style. These fellas - Paul and Austin- came from LA to spend some well deserved holidays in Portugal, and we couldn't be happier to welcome them 🙏 Thanks Yo · July 15, 2017 · Instagram photo

>> Austin and Paul are in Portugal? · Figaro's Barbershop Lisboa · black and white photo · Lisbon sighting

>> Paul Wesley posted on July 15, 2017: OG barber shop Austin Nichols · Instagram photo

>> Jake Gyllenhaal and Julianne Moore Spent Their Tuesday Night in a Chinatown Market for Raf Simons > A few moments before the show was to begin, a blazer-clad, bearded Jake Gyllenhaal emerged, taking a spot next to a group of friends (including model Liya Kebede), below a bright neon sign of Chinese characters and a café awning. As the models emerged, showcasing the looks from Simons’s dynamic collection, Gyllenhaal watched excitedly, turning his head to clock each ensemble (all of them, fittingly, accessorized with an umbrella) as it made its way around the bend. At times during the show, the actor mouthed the words to the music playing on the soundtrack. And at one point, he moved back against the wall, taking his phone out to take a panoramic video of the scene. Eventually, even Gyllenhaal succumbed to the conditions, taking off his blazer to reveal a white T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan: “New horrors / Old dreams.” · Vanity Fair article · Jake at the show video

>> Austin Nichols in Texas, July 12 #TheIronOrchard
>> Jake Gyllenhaal keeps it cool and casual as he makes his way through the crowd at the Raf Simons fashion show held during New York Fashion Week Men’s on Tuesday evening (July 11) in New York City. Jake was joined at the front row of the presentation by Julianne Moore, Mr. Robot‘s Christian Slater, A$AP Rocky and designer Marc Jacobs. Jake and Julianne met up with designer Raf Simons himself backstage following the show. · Just Jared

>> Zach Campbell posted on July 11, 2017: Oh, just me and my bud Austin Nichols on the 2nd to last day of shooting on 'The Iron Orchard' film. 1 more day!!!!!! #theironorchardfilm #texas · Instagram photo

>> Austin Nichols in Texas filming 'The Iron Orchard' · July 11, 2017 · video by Lane Garrison · another movie set video

>> Throwback Sunday > Jake Gyllenhaal Picks Up Loft-Like Condo in Celebrity Stacked New York City Converted Factory Building > The Brokeback Mountain star will be neighbours with a growing list of celebrities, including his friend and Life co-star Ryan Reynolds, who also lives in the building with his wife Blake Lively and their two young daughters. · Variety, June 2017

>> 'Okja' Proves Jake Gyllenhaal Is Best When He’s at His Weirdest
If you get one thing out of Okja this weekend - and you should absolutely watch Okja this weekend; it’s the best Netflix movie they’ve ever produced - just know that it proves beyond a doubt that Jake Gyllenhaal is the best actor he can be when he’s being weird as shit. It’s an incontrovertible truth that Okja puts right on front street. · DECIDER article

>> 'The Iron Orchard' in Austin, TX: Day 21 of @theironorchardfilm in the home stretch back in Austin. #theironorchardfilm #filmtexas · July 8, 2017 · source

>> 'The Sisters Brothers' movie set in Spain · July 6, 2017 · source