Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Dear Ted:
I'm terrible at Blind Vices; I never even try to figure them out. But I've finally been tempted to take a guess about Toothy Tile's identity. Is it...George Eads? Love the column, and I'm not even a celebrity groupie!

Dear CSLies:
Your CSI-specific Toothy guess makes me think you’d search down Georgie-boy for an autograph...or more. Lucky for your celeb fantasies, he isn't Tooth-babe.

Dear Ted:
What is going to happen first: Are we ever going to find out who Toothy Tile is, or is our planet going to be destroyed because aliens don't like the way they are portrayed in J.J Abrams' flicks?

Dear Outting Space:
You’ll be seasick from Cloverfield 2 before T.T. gets some cojones, that’s my hunch.

Dear Ted:
Read that Jessica Biel is making a movie with Jakey. How the hell does this talentless girl get these jobs?

Dear Duh:
Same way she keeps snagging men like Justin Timberlake.

Dear Ted:
Love being able to click right to you from the homepage. I guess the data showed that you were a top destination. You go, girlfriend!

Dear Butt Licker:
It’s not me they want, it’s Toothy Tile (big bottom-diva tease). But thanks, darlin’, appreciate the almost successful sycophancy!

P.S. Ted Casablanca is getting married next weekend. Congratulations Ted and Jon!

Source: Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth