Sunday, 15 November 2015

Reality vs. Fan fiction 10

>> Meanwhile in Los Angeles ...

* austinnichols · December 7
Climb thru fence. Scale down rocky cliff. Surf with friends alone for two hours. ·

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · December 6
Incredible Human. Travis Leete. Waxing up.

* austinnichols · December 5

>> Jake and Peter's road trip

Reminder: Jake and Peter in Leadville, Colorado in 2010.

* #downtowntelluride at #newsheraton with #jakegyllenhaal · Telluride, Colorado, photo posted on December 5

* No shit just helped Jake Gyllenhaal get tire chains · Arizona, December 4 · source · source

* jkronny: Met this guy yesterday · photo posted on December 5

Instagram comment > jkronny: Yes really him. After the fact we realized that he was with his brother in law Peter Sarsgaard too. They were shopping for snow chains and were on their way to Telluride.

* Jake Gyllenhaal was in our Walmart today! · December 4 · source

> San Francisco Bay Area sightings

* 'Chez Panisse' restaurant in Berkeley, CA, November 28 · sighting 1 · sighting 2

* Jake test driving a new truck in Los Angeles, November 19 · source

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

* chloebennet · December 2
Things are getting super fuckin festive over here guys. @austinnichols ·

> Thanksgiving in Chicago

* Austin with fans, gym in Chicago, November 28 · source

* chloebennet · November 26
So many kisses over here. Mom, baby brother and babe.

* ljwang6 · November 25
A modern family · (Chloe and brothers)

* Desiree ‏@Dessireeee · November 25
Jus saw #AustinNichols and #ChloeBennet at LAX. Totally wanted to be like #Spencer nice try on the climb, bro! #TWD #AgentsOfShield

>> Austin

* dieselbarbershop · November 21 · San Antonio, TX
In case you missed the excitement at #dieselbarbershop today, here's a little recap! THE @AustinNichols made an appearance at every location today. #whereitsgoodtobeaman #theshopthatrocks #austinnichols #digtheshoplovethecut #bestofsanantonio

* Austin Nichols showing dancing skills in San Antonio, TX
· November 21 ·

Our awesome dance skills! #workflow #austinnichols #dieselbarbershop @austinnichols

A video posted by ashley young (@asshleyalexis_) on

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · November 19
#TheWalkingDead #season6 That's a wrap folks.

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · November 5
Back to Atlanta. Too many planes y'all. I should get my license and fly myself.

>> Nocturnal Animals

* November 20
Based on the comments below from the crew members, this film's production was not an easy one. They all worked long hours in order to finish it within in 7 weeks. ... Special wrap gift from Tom Ford to the cast and crew. · source

* October 5
Nocturnal Animals stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams, along with Kim Basinger, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ellie Bamber and Robert Aramayo. Produced by Tom Ford, Diane L. Sabatini and Robert Salerno, the film began shooting today. ·

* Jake Gyllenhaal on set in Los Angeles · November 16, 2015 · source

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

* chloebennet · November 15
Miss my lil poop @austinnichols (ps we have never actually kissed, we always just get this close and than take selfies)