Friday, 3 July 2015

Reality vs. Fan fiction 6

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

* chloebennet4 · July 25
You like my hat? @austinnichols

* Marvel's San Diego Comic-Con video - Austin, Chloe & Arthur having fun!

>> More #TWD filming
* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · July 20
Sorry honey. I've got a new girlfriend in Georgia.

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · July 20
@AustinNichols she's a babe.

* austinnichols · July 18
I miss that lady @chloebennet4

>> Austin and Chloe sharing fun times with friends and colleagues in San Diego

* Austin with a fan, July 12 #SDCC2015

* clarkgregg · July 12, Sunday, San Diego Comic-Con
#throneheads #JonSnowLives

* Brett Dalton ‏@IMBrettDalton · July 11, San Diego Comic-Con
This is what defeat looks like... #JamesD'Arcy @HayleyAtwell #AgentsofSHIELD #SDCC

P.S. Dubsmash video from the same day:

* Marvel Entertainment ‏@Marvel · July 10, San Diego Comic-Con
The #AgentCarter and #AgentsofSHIELD fams enjoying a night out at @searsucker after a big #MarvelSDCC day!

>> Celebrating the Fourth of July in Chicago, IL

* chloebennet4 · July 4

* austinnichols · July 4
@chloebennet4 We have fire

* chloebennet4 · July 2

>> Meanwhile in New York City ...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ellen Greene perform “Suddenly Seymour” at the closing performance of Little Shop of Horrors.

Jake Gyllenhaal performing in "Little Shop of Horrors", July 2