Thursday, 20 April 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 38

>> 'Okja' in Cannes' competition · France, May 17 - 28

>> 'The Sisters Brothers' starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix will be filmed in Almeria, Spain (casting call for April 18, 19 and 20) and in Romania in August.

>> 'Sunday in the Park with George' cast recording
> Jake Gyllenhaal-Led SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE Will Get Cast Recording
> Jake Gyllenhaal recording cast album · New York, April 25, 2017
>> IHJ > Paparazzi photos > April 24, 2017 > Jake Gyllenhaal out in New York City

>> Happy Birthday Austin! πŸŽ‚

> Austin, Chloe and Ivan · April 24, 2017 · video by Ivan Shaw

> Chloe Bennet posted on April 24, 2017: Happy day of birth to my bestie/serious athlete. Earth is a lucky planet to have you for a whole 37 years. I LOVE YOU. You were also uncomfortably attractive as a child. So I feel like a creep now. @austinnichols · Instagram

>> Just Jared: Jake Gyllenhaal celebrated his closing night of 'Sunday in the Park with George' by hanging out with a group of pals. The 36-year-old actor was seen out with his good friend Greta Caruso on the street in New York City on Sunday night (April 23, 2017).
· Just Jared post · more IHJ photos

>> Leo Gyllenhaal, Hudson Theatre on April 22, 2017 #SundayInTheParkWithGeorge · video one · video two

>> Paying the Ultimate Price to Witness War’s “Humanity”
A new documentary from Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis captures the fearless vision of photographer Chris Hondros, who was killed in Libya in 2011. Hondros premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21st. For more information about Chris Hondros and his legacy visit

>> 'Hondros' Premiere - Jamie Lee Curtis, Greg Campbell, Riva Marker and Jake Gyllenhaal at Tribeca Film Festival

>> Austin Sassy Hulk Nichols by Chloe Bennet · April 20, 2017 · more photos on Just Jared

>> Toothy Tile tinhat comments by an ex-Larrie

Posted by lemmekisslou:
oh my god i’m looking at the robsten blogs @thelarrative linked and i am -- how is this a thing do they not realize kristin is gay like what is goING ON they’ve just created THREE CHILDREN off the top of their head with no proof i’m??

Posted by ginstergnom on April 15, 2017:
That’s nothing . Tinhats created between 5 and 6 secret basement babies for Jake Gyllenhaal and his shippartner Austin Nichols before that ship sunk to a sad death on the iceberg that is named Chloe Bennet. There were two main blogs: Waiting for Toothy ,who gave up way earlier and started to make fun of the other one , a blog named Oh My Godot

Source: i was a larrie · screen capture

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 37

>> Happy Birthday Chloe!

> 'Agents of SHIELD' Season 4 wrap party: Chloe with Alex's friend + Austin with Alex and friend + Austin, cast and crew singing Happy Birthday to Chloe πŸŽ‚ · April 17, 2017

> Austin Nichols posted: Born today. An endangered half-breed disrupter and rebuilder of a better world. Happy Birthday Chloe Bennet · April 18, 2017 · tweet

>> Happy Easter!

> Jake Gyllenhaal with friends in New York · April 16, 2017 #Easter

> Throwback Sunday > Jake Gyllenhaal celebrating Easter in New York with Naomi, Maggie, Peter and Ramona · April 8, 2012 · source

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet in Los Angeles · April 14, 2017 #GoodFriday · airport videos by Chloe

>> Posted by Chloe Bennet: When your man wants sexy time, but you're a mediocre girlfriend. · April 11, 2017 · Instagram photo

>> Posted by Ivan Shaw on April 8, 2017

>> Throwback Saturday > Jake Gyllenhaal and 'Sunday in the Park With George' Broadway cast sing 'Happy Birthday Stephen Sondheim!' · March 22, 2017 · source video

>> Posted by Rufus Wainwright: Here I am with Jake and the amazing Justin Vivian Bond. · April 5, 2017 · tweet

>> Austin Nichols loves his fur babies πŸ’•
>> Posted by Hugh Jackman: With the extraordinary Jake and Annaleigh. Sunday in the Park With George. Bravo! · April 5, 2017 · tweet one · tweet two · more photos

>> Happy Birthday Heath!

>> Instagram story by Chloe Bennet from April 3, 2017

>> Austin and Chloe hanging out with friends · April 2, 2017 · Home Sweet Home photo 1 · Home Sweet Home photo 2

>> Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal · LIFE

>> Sunday In The Park With George > Tickets · Twitter · Instagram

> Justin Mikita, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal · March 23, 2017 · Hudson Broadway Theatre

Monday, 6 March 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 36

>> Paparazzi Photos > 2017 > March 30 - Jake Gyllenhaal Out In New York With Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

>> Jake Gyllenhaal: Inside Man
Quietly, stealthily, steadily, Esquire's new cover star has become the most magnetic male lead in American film

>> Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' · more photos

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet in Chicago on March 25 & 26 > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

> Home Sweet Home
> Kiss · source video

> Austin and Chloe arriving to Chicago · March 24, 2017 · video

>> Jake Gyllenhaal: $100 if you can guess what Ryan Reynolds is staring at. Life opens today! #LIFEmovie · March 24, 2017 · photo from Austin, TX · Jake posted on Facebook

>> Late Night With Seth Meyers > Jake Gyllenhaal FaceTimes Ryan Reynolds to Prove They’re Actually Friends · March 23, 2017

>> Jake Gyllenhaal, Daniel Espinosa Team Up for Middle Eastern Drama 'Anarchists vs. ISIS'

>> Jake's TV appearances > The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon · March 20, 2017

>> Austin Nichols tweeted on March 22, 2017: Packin my bags for ChiTown. Can't wait to see y'all.

>> Austin Nichols: Get this shirt and help so many struggling friends in Haiti and the DR. · March 21, 2017 · tweet · Fight Like A Girl by Chloe Bennet

>> Jake Gyllenhaal's 'LIFE' promo week: March 13 - 20
> Paris · Berlin · London · Premiere in Austin, TX · New York

> Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds: LIFE interview

>> Austin Nichols posted on March 17, 2017: Thanks honey. I bring the grass and the rhymes. You bring the rosemary and thyme. 🌿🍳 · Instagram photo + Austin cooking for Chloe

>> Sunday in the Park with George Icon Mandy Patinkin Visits Jake Gyllenhaal & Annaleigh Ashford on Broadway + more photos

>> Austin loves his baby - Video by Chloe Bennet from March 9, 2017

>> Foot Massage - Video by Chloe Bennet from March 8, 2017

>> The Future Is Female x 3
> Austin Nichols posted on March 8, 2017: Without Women None Of Us Would Be Here. #internationalwomensday · Instagram

> Chloe Bennet and Natalia Cordova-Buckley in Washington, DC on January 21, 2017 · Instagram

>> Sunday In The Park With George > Tickets · Twitter · Instagram

>> Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Stephen Sondheim His First Million-Dollar Week On Broadway · March 7, 2017

>> Jake Gyllenhaal > "Sunday In The Park With George" behind the scenes · first video + second video

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 35

>> Austin, Arthur, Wally and Chloe: Home Sweet Home
>> Okja, a Netflix original film, arrives June 28.
>> Q&A clip with the 'LIFE' cast. In theaters March 24.
>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet Instagram stories from February 25, 2017: Funny walk & Pregnant with twins

>> 'Sunday In The Park' Opening Night · February 23, 2017

> Jake Gyllenhaal: "My family was here tonight, and I do this show for them every night," Gyllenhaal told The Hollywood Reporter at the 'Sunday In The Park With George' opening-night party, held at the New York Public Library. "And I have a new family in this cast, crew and orchestra. This show is very special to me." · source

> Jake Gyllenhaal: "It’s so nice to get to express myself through music, I always have in my family and I did growing up as a child throughout school. I had so much wonderful luck as an actor in films that how can you not move in that direction when the opportunities are there? But truly my love, my heart has always been in singing, particularly in the musical space." · source

>> Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds’ Space Thriller 'Life' to Close SXSW Film Festival #March18

>> Instagram πŸ’• story posted by Chloe Bennet · February 22, 2017

>> 'Bates Hotel' Season 5 premiere · February 20, 2017 · tweet
>> Instagram story posted by Chloe Bennet on February 18, 2017

>> Jake Gyllenhaal with fans in New York on February 16, 2017 #SundayInTheParkWithGeorge · more photos

>> February 16, 2017 in Los Angeles
> Videos by Chloe Bennet: Sushi lunch with Austin Nichols + In bed with Austin and Arthur

>> Happy Valentine's Day!

> Instagram story > V Day πŸ’• dinner > Austin & Chloe video

> Austin Nichols posted: Love Birds at Valentines Dinner. Her idea. Bad ass lady. #InNOutBurger · February 14, 2017 · tweet

> Austin Nichols posted: Happy V Day to this little pink lady. · February 14, 2017 · Instagram photo

> Chloe Bennet posted: Woke up to this. I love holidays made by corporate America just to make money. Because LOOK AT HOW SWEET THIS PICTURE IS. @AustinNichols you're okay. πŸ’• · February 14, 2017 · Instagram photo

>> Instagram story by Chloe Bennet > Austin Nichols and Wally + video · February 13, 2017

>> Instagram story by Chloe Bennet > Austin Nichols and Wally · February 12, 2017 · video source

>> Jake Gyllenhaal shares a message of joy, love and art at the reopening of the @HudsonBway for the 1st preview of @SundayBroadway · February 11, 2017 · tweet
>> Jake Gyllenhaal is joining Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly in 'The Sisters Brothers'

>> Austin Nichols: Let's get a room. February 20. Bates Motel

>> Throwback Saturday > Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet: SURF TEXAS! · August 2015 · Posted by Austin

>> Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Live with Kelly' · February 10, 2017

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 34

>> Chloe Bennet posted on February 8, 2017: Take me back here please. (Not pictured, epic bean bag jumping contest) ✨ #AustinNichols · Instagram photo

>> Annaleigh Ashford and Jake Gyllenhaal > Hudson Theatre Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on February 8, 2017 · more photos

>> Jake Gyllenhaal: "This is what happens when Riva Marker (the badass president of NineStories) and I invite #CaryJojiFukunaga to rehearsals for our new Broadway musical. Check out this video we made! #SundayintheParkWithGeorge"

>> Austin Nichols posted on February 6, 2017 · Flying Wally video

Flying Zombie Wally. @clarkgregg said it best.

A video posted by Austin Nichols (@austinnichols) on

>> Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso in New York · February 5, 2017

>> Super Bowl TV spot for movie 'LIFE' + Official Trailer #2

>> The Worst Oscar Snub Of The Decade: Jake Gyllenhaal In 'Nightcrawler' #Uproxx

>> Photobombed by Jake Gyllenhaal. February 4, 2017 #SundayInTheParkWithGeorge · tweet by Ashley Park

>> Austin Nichols in Jackson, Michigan on February 2, 2017
> Elise: "Guys I met @AustinNichols (Spencer from The Walking Dead /Julian from One Tree Hill) tonight at work" · tweet and photos
> Elise: "he was with his sister" · tweet

>> Austin Nichols posted on February 1, 2017:
"The New Colossus - Emma Lazarus This poem sits underneath Lady Liberty, welcoming all those who have ever come to this great country. I know we can keep the beautiful ideas that built this country and toss away the old bad ones." · Instagram

>> Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. > YahooTV chat with Chloe Bennet on January 30, 2017

>> Ashley Park: Everybody love Leo Gyllenhaal, me included George. @SundayBroadway #bringyourpuptoworkday #rehearsal · January 28, 2017 · tweet

>> Austin Nichols posted on January 26, 2017 · Instagram video

>> Hudson Theatre > 'Sunday In the Park with George' tickets

>> LIFE cast: Who Is Joining Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal On This Deadly Space Mission?

>> Austin Nichols and Wally · January 23, 2017 · tweet · Instagram
>> Women's March on January 21, 2017

> Jake Gyllenhaal posted on Facebook: "I was so proud to stand with the women, men and children at yesterday's #WomensMarch on Washington. After months of fear and shame, the gathering was full of joy, defiance and hope. It was more clear than ever that women are the real stewards of our country's soul, and I will continue to follow their lead and show up." · source

> Austin Nichols posted: "I just feel lucky to be in the presence of such an incredible woman. @chloebennet #womensmarch" · Instagram

> Chloe Bennet, Jake Gyllenhaal, Greta Caruso and Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Washington Women's March · Jake and Greta Caruso · Chloe Bennet · Jake + Girl Power · more photos

>> SAG-AFTRA Foundation: Conversations with Jake Gyllenhaal video from December 1, 2016

>> Variety: Stephen Gaghan to Direct 'The Division' Movie Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain (EXCLUSIVE)

>> Will Oscars nominate Jake Gyllenhaal for 'Nocturnal Animals' to make up for that shocking ‘Nightcrawler’ snub?

>> Throwback Saturday
> Jake Gyllenhaal and Jay Z in New York City > Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets on May 10, 2014