Sunday, 13 December 2015

Reality vs. Fan fiction 11

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

> Christmas week in Chicago

* At the airport with a fan · December 29 · source · more photos · flight to Utah canceled

* Chloe with a fan in Chicago · December 29

* chloebennet · December 27
I'm gonna let you guess what movie we just saw. And yes that's a giant stalk of Brussel sprouts. Don't ask.. @austinnichols

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · December 26
Holiday Bathroom photo shoot with photographer @chloebennet4

* chloebennet · December 25
Bathroom photo series- Sweater: Stollen from Austins suitcase.
Hat: @madewell1937. Face: Mine.

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · December 25
Happy Holidays to all ·

* chloebennet · December 25
Whooaaa Santa made a present tree.

* chloebennet · December 24
You guys vote who do you think has the best gingerbread house. @stephen_bw11 @ljwang6 @zachw96 @awaveeri

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · December 23
Mature parenting. @austinnichols

Mature parenting. @austinnichols

A video posted by Chloe Bennet (@chloebennet) on

* Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal singing Christmas songs at Jake's Christmas party · New York, December 2015 · more photos · more photos

* Jake in New York City · posted on December 23 · source

* Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso in NYC · December 22 · photos

> Austin & Chloe - Thanksgiving & Christmas in Chicago

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · December 21
@chicagobulls My first Bulls game with hometown gal @ChloeBennet4

* Chloe Bennet · December 21
Brought this Texan to his first @chicagobulls game. @austinnichols

* At the airport · December 21 · source · source · source

* Jake Gyllenhaal in New York, hosting dinner honoring 'Cartel Land' · December 20 · photos

* Chloe Bennet · December 19
Three little pigs. All ignoring me. @austinnichols

>> Happy Birthday Jake! · December 19

* Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals His Favorite Birthday Memory
Hint: It Involves Medieval Times ·

* Jake Gyllenhaal in Dubai #DIFF15 · December 16 · more photos

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

* austinnichols · December 18
Gloves ✅ Helmet ✅ Shades ✅ Blanket for makin whoopy in the woods with my honey ✅

> Austin & Wally

* HW Edwards ‏@hwedwards · December 17
Weird story this AM: walking to work, and this rad puppy starts following me. No one walking him, just hanging out, being rad. Named Wally.
I look around for Wally's owner, no joy. Decide to pet Wally & he is VERY into getting scratches. Start walking back to work. Wally follows.
Wally's TOO rad for me to just have him follow me to work, so I wait around. Sure enough, @AustinNichols comes running out to the street.
I'm like, of COURSE this is John from Cincinnati's dog. That show fucking ruled and Wally fucking rules, so that makes total sense.
* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols
@hwedwards brother you straight up saved my ass today. You're a king. Thanks! Hilarious string of tweets. View conversation

> Unforgettable Gala

* austinnichols · December 15
So proud of my gal. Actress of the Year! @chloebennet

* Unforgettable Gala - Asian American Awards on December 12, 2015 in Los Angeles ·

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Reality vs. Fan fiction 10

>> Meanwhile in Los Angeles ...

* austinnichols · December 7
Climb thru fence. Scale down rocky cliff. Surf with friends alone for two hours. ·

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · December 6
Incredible Human. Travis Leete. Waxing up.

* austinnichols · December 5

>> Jake and Peter's road trip

Reminder: Jake and Peter in Leadville, Colorado in 2010.

* #downtowntelluride at #newsheraton with #jakegyllenhaal · Telluride, Colorado, photo posted on December 5

* No shit just helped Jake Gyllenhaal get tire chains · Arizona, December 4 · source · source

* jkronny: Met this guy yesterday · photo posted on December 5

Instagram comment > jkronny: Yes really him. After the fact we realized that he was with his brother in law Peter Sarsgaard too. They were shopping for snow chains and were on their way to Telluride.

* Jake Gyllenhaal was in our Walmart today! · December 4 · source

> San Francisco Bay Area sightings

* 'Chez Panisse' restaurant in Berkeley, CA, November 28 · sighting 1 · sighting 2

* Jake test driving a new truck in Los Angeles, November 19 · source

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

* chloebennet · December 2
Things are getting super fuckin festive over here guys. @austinnichols ·

> Thanksgiving in Chicago

* Austin with fans, gym in Chicago, November 28 · source

* chloebennet · November 26
So many kisses over here. Mom, baby brother and babe.

* ljwang6 · November 25
A modern family · (Chloe and brothers)

* Desiree ‏@Dessireeee · November 25
Jus saw #AustinNichols and #ChloeBennet at LAX. Totally wanted to be like #Spencer nice try on the climb, bro! #TWD #AgentsOfShield

>> Austin

* dieselbarbershop · November 21 · San Antonio, TX
In case you missed the excitement at #dieselbarbershop today, here's a little recap! THE @AustinNichols made an appearance at every location today. #whereitsgoodtobeaman #theshopthatrocks #austinnichols #digtheshoplovethecut #bestofsanantonio

* Austin Nichols showing dancing skills in San Antonio, TX
· November 21 ·

Our awesome dance skills! #workflow #austinnichols #dieselbarbershop @austinnichols

A video posted by ashley young (@asshleyalexis_) on

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · November 19
#TheWalkingDead #season6 That's a wrap folks.

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · November 5
Back to Atlanta. Too many planes y'all. I should get my license and fly myself.

>> Nocturnal Animals

* November 20
Based on the comments below from the crew members, this film's production was not an easy one. They all worked long hours in order to finish it within in 7 weeks. ... Special wrap gift from Tom Ford to the cast and crew. · source

* October 5
Nocturnal Animals stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams, along with Kim Basinger, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ellie Bamber and Robert Aramayo. Produced by Tom Ford, Diane L. Sabatini and Robert Salerno, the film began shooting today. ·

* Jake Gyllenhaal on set in Los Angeles · November 16, 2015 · source

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

* chloebennet · November 15
Miss my lil poop @austinnichols (ps we have never actually kissed, we always just get this close and than take selfies)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Reality vs. Fan fiction 9

>> Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet

* Posted and deleted by Austin Nichols · November 7
My Bond Girl · source · source 2 · Chloe Bennet’s Boyfriend Posts, and Quickly Deletes Sexy Bikini Photo

> Austin and Wally

* chloebennet · October 31
Happy Halloween #chippendaledancer

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · October 30
Surf Puppy

* austinnichols · October 30
Meet Wally

* Fun times with The Walking Dead's Christian Serratos (Rosita), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel), Ross Marquand (Aaron), Austin Nichols (Spencer) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Chloe Bennet (Skye) at Netherworld Haunted House!
· October 29 · Atlanta, GA · source

* chloebennet · October 28
Daddy snuggle time @austinnichols

* New York, October 19, 2014 ·

> Halloween party with friends · October 24

* travisatreo · What a night. #HappyHalloween

* austinnichols · Dirty Harry... Reboot. Happy Halloween

* chloebennet · Happy Halloween! Nothing sexier than a grocery bag...?

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · October 20
Dinner with this crew is always a riot. Also, @phoebejtonkin they might leave us for each other judging by this pic. @paulvedere @austinnichols

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · October 20
You guys, I took a selfie to promote the fact that #agentsofshield is on tonight. But then @austinnichols was sitting to my left making fun of me taking a selfie (hence me giving him the semi middle finger). So watch the #agentsofshield !?

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · October 13
Oops! We got another dog. Meet Wally. @austinnichols


* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · October 13
Wally is not impressed by this episode. #AgentsofSHIELD

* fancyhipster · October 13
@chloebennet & @austinnichols have a new edition to their family that I may kidnap.

> 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Fan Premiere, New York

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · October 11
This bus just drove by and reminded me #TheWalkingDeadSeason6 starts tonight!

* beyondthedivine · October 10
He is really nice @austinnichols great meeting you #austinnichols #thewalkingdead

* austinnichols · October 10 ·

* chloebennet · October 10
We switched suits last minute. Think we made the right decision. @austinnichols #walkingdeadpremiere

* #TWD Season 6 Fan Premiere, New York · October 9

* chloebennet · October 5
It's no question why most people are intimidated by how hip and cool we are. @austinnichols

* chloebennet · October 1
Thanks to @austinnichols and our buddy Joe for the much needed ice cream today! Everyone on set loveeeeed it! Saved the day. So yummy @cvtsoftserve ·

* Chloe and Austin out and about in Beverly Hills
September 30 · source

* austinnichols · September 30

>> Nostradamus

Short film, 2015
Director: Thomas Ikimi
Cast: Austin Nichols, Amy Sloan, Tessa Auberjonois, Joe Holt, Chloe Bennet