Saturday, 16 April 2016

Reality vs. Fan fiction 18

>> Austin filming 'The Walking Dead' in Atlanta

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · May 2, 2016
#TheWalkingDead Season 7 starts today y'all. · tweet
another tweet · another photo

* Austin posted on Facebook: Georgia on my mind · May 2, 2016

>> Throwback Sunday > Posted on May 1, 2015

* Austin Nichols: Lucky man. To have a pretty bird like this.

>> Jake Gyllenhaal on movie set in Boston, Massachusetts
April 30, 2016 #Stronger

>> How ​Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.​'s Chloe Bennet Went from Pop Star to Superhero · April 2016

Teen Vogue: You knew about the crazy events of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier before it all happened, and rumor is that Captain America: Civil War will continue to affect the Agents of Shield world. With the pressure of people on social media desperately seeking out spoilers, how hard is it to keep secrets from fans?

Chloe Bennet: It’s so horrible! I can’t handle it! And I’m horrible with secrets. My boyfriend is on The Walking Dead, so I know all of their secrets, too. It’s so much pressure, it eats my soul. I want to tell people, but I don’t.

Teen Vogue: Daisy’s now had three seasons to grow and establish herself as an Agent, but when we first met her, she was just Skye, a hacker living in her van. What five things would you have to have with you if you were in that situation?

Chloe Bennet: My van essentials? I definitely need WiFi. Skye and I both need WiFi. I’d need to have my dogs and my boyfriend in the van. Obviously I’d need Marvel Contest of Champions, because that’s very entertaining, and I love playing the game. A lot of food. Maybe some pizza? I miss that van every day! I loved that van! They painted it purple for me, and even gave me an Illinois license plate because I’m from Chicago.

>> Jake Gyllenhaal on movie set in Easton, Massachusetts
April 27, 2016 #Stronger

>> 2015 > Austin's family birthday weekend in New York City

> Austin, Chloe, Austin's sister, brother in law and Arthur

* Chloe and Ashley · Photo by Rowdy Stovall

* Chloe Bennet: Instagraming these two rad love birds while they Instagram. I love them. @rowdyandashley @rowdyatx

* Chloe Bennet: Spring in NYC. Oh hay.

* Austin Nichols: Central Park Photo Shoot with my family.

>> From Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘Pushing myself is part of my life’ interview #Guardian #UK #Demolition #April2016

"The change coincided with other shifts in his life. “A lot of things were redefining themselves. Not all of them good.” There was the death of his friend Heath Ledger. His parents, both film-makers, separated, leaving him and his actor sister Maggie, though long left home, “trying to figure out a way of the family still being together. People were moving and changing. I moved from Los Angeles to New York City.” The world of film seemed “more than usually absurd”. He made a pact with himself: to make it more meaningful. He wanted to find exactly what he was capable of."

>> Happy Birthday Austin!

> April 24, 2016

* Chloe Bennet: *kiss* *birthday cake* @austinnichols

* Chloe Bennet: The happiest day of birth to my bestest friend.
A complete weirdo dreamboat, you rock my world. @austinnichols

* Ivan Shaw: Happy birthday to this living legend @austinnichols. The best friend a dude can ask for. The most creative writing partner a scribe could want. The most generous soul to those in need. The fastest eater ever known to man. U r the stuff that makes this place better brah. Birth. Day. Week. End. · Austin, TX

> Meanwhile in Boston ...
* Jake Gyllenhaal filming his new movie 'Stronger' · April 23, 2016

> Chloe and Austin and LA friends in Texas · April 23, 2016

* Chloe Bennet: Whatever Travis. @stopitsquirrel @ Barton Springs Pool · Austin, TX

* Austin with fans · Austin, TX · tweet · tweet

> Chloe and Austin and LA friends in Texas · April 22, 2016

* Ivan Shaw: Brith. Day. Week. End. Birth. Day. Week. End. Birth... · 'The White Horse', Austin TX

* Chloe Bennet: Surprise last minute trip with the boys. Hashtag birthday weekend. @austinnichols @shawski @whatevertravis ·
'The White Horse', Austin TX

* Austin with fans · 'The White Horse', Austin TX

> Austin in Texas · April 22, 2016

* Austin Nichols: Fun rip around Lake Austin this mornin
* Another photo by Austin #ATX · Austin with fans

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · April 21, 2016
Flyin home · tweet video

>> Principal photography underway for Netflix's feature film OKJA, starring Jake Gyllenhaal · April 22, 2016

>> Jake Gyllenhaal in Boston · April 18, 2016 · more photos

>> Happy Birthday Chloe!

* AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols · April 18, 2016
Happy Birthday to this rare exotic bird I caught.

>> Chloe's birthday party

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · April 17, 2016
Chit chat. @theshawski @rjfarhoudi @edeimusic @saradinkin @austinnichols ·

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · April 17, 2016

* Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 · April 17, 2016
Threw my first big girl dinner/birthday party last night.

>> Birthday party preparations at Austin and Chloe's LA home

* Posted on April 16, 2016 · source
* Posted by Austin Nichols · April 15, 2016

>> Room looks familiar ...

* Posted by Austin Nichols · April 11, 2016 #TWD #Spencer

* Posted by Chloe Bennet · December 5, 2015

>> Jeff Bauman, Jake Gyllenhaal To Throw Out Red Sox First Pitch On Patriots’ Day (April 18, 2016) #Boston #MovieStronger