Saturday, 5 April 2008

Two years of Waiting for Toothy

Dany decided to close down Waiting for Toothy.
Thanks for the ride Dany, it’s been fun. Good luck!

Danyelle Dillon wrote:

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Waiting for Toothy came about as a venting of sorts. I wanted a "safe" place to discuss the possibility that Jake Gyllenhaal may not be completely straight and may be or- at one point- was dating actor Austin Nichols. The idea came to me after a fellow IMDb poster created a Jake blog. In the beginning, I didn't actually want a Jake blog per se but more of a collective blog of Toothy Tile referrences and ambiguos quotes by Jake. However, such is life, the blog evolved into an all out Jake Gyllenhaal (and Austin Nichols) blog. Which turned out to not be a bad thing.

Friday, April 04, 2008
It is my feeling that endeavors borne of anger often will die in anger. Perhaps this is true. But I am not angry today - the day I say goodbye to you all. Yes, Waiting for Toothy started out of anger, but it is not ending in anger – at least not completely. This has been a ride for me. Bitter. Sweet. Sad. Happy. There are so many adjectives that describe my experience manning Waiting for Toothy. Name any, and I can probably relate. What I am feeling today is sadness and relief. Waiting for Toothy has died today, and I am mourning. If I had to assign WFT a pronoun, I would call it a he. He was beautiful, kind, caring, smart, sexy, and socially aware. He was also a bit too sensitive, eager, over-ambitious by taking on things out of his control (such as others’ thoughts of him), maybe even a little na├»ve.

But he stood for something, even if in the end it was perceived futile. Even as he was dying, he tried. He would say to me, “Give it another go, girl. Don’t give up just yet.” The hope of a dying man. I didn’t have it in my heart to tell him things were not looking good, so I kept trying to please him, pretending it was still fun. But the dying know when you’re comforting them, giving them sunshine in their darkness. In January, he finally said, “I am suffering.” We were teary, because we both knew in a short time I’d have to pull the plug. I am letting him go today. Tonight, we mourn.