Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Truth Shall Set You Free

"On April 16, 21-year-old Azariah Southworth, the host of a Christian music television show called The Remix, came out publicly as a gay man to the Nashville-based gay publication Out & About. Since his brave decision, Southworth has seen a groundswell of support from the gay press and gay fans, and silence from the networks carrying his show, Christian media, and his show's fanbase.

AE: Was there a straw that broke the camel’s back? What made you decide to actually go forward and come out publicly?
AS: Well, it’s been a long time coming, as I said. I went through some things this past year and did a lot of research about what the Bible really says about homosexuality and did a lot of prayer, and I finally came to the conclusion that, you know what? This is okay. For me, this is okay. And I became confident in that and confident in who I am.

I knew the risk I was taking, but I found that it was going to be better to live my life authentically and honestly rather to continue to do what I was doing, building a career and suppressing feelings and being in denial. Because careers will always end, but who I am as a person goes further beyond that and the legacy that I want to leave is not one of denial and suppressing anything. I want to be honest and authentic with people.

AE: If you have any words of advice to any folks out there, young people or Christians who are struggling with their sexuality, or anyone else, what advice would you give them?
AS: That you’re not alone. You’re not abandoned. That God loves you unconditionally and that means that he loves you without any requirements. He doesn’t need you to meet any requirements or standards. That he loves you as you are and for who you are, right now. Reach out to someone that you can trust and that you feel will listen to you. You are loved. I mean, that’s the main point that I want to make to people, to let them know that they are loved and accepted, and I hope that they find that.

Source: After Elton, Interview with Azariah Southworth

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Dear Ted:
Got to ask…is Toothy Tile the obnoxious Spencer Pratt? Not that I think he, Heidi, Lauren and the group are actors by any means, but he and Heidi sure seem to be putting on an "act" with all the lovey-dovey fake photo moments. Seems like they have the perfect fake relationship. Also, what's up with Audrina? Every picture that girl takes has her eyes rolling up into her head...gross!
Mundelein, Ill.

Dear Hills Headache:
There’s nothing we know (or care) less about than the intricacies of the epic melodrama that is The Hills, except, perhaps, what goes on—or not—in Hugh Hefner's boudoir. That said, one thing we know for certain is that Spencer is no Toothy, nor will he ever be.

Dear Ted:
Does Toothy's girlfriend know he's fond of boys, too?
São Paulo, Brazil

Dear Naive:
Sim, my São Paulo peach. Just like the last one.

Source: Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth