Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Reality vs. Fan fiction

Austin and Sarah, TX, August 2014

Saturday, 26 July 2014

A thin line between fandom and insanity

What turns a fan into a crazy fan?

Fan who writes insane theories as truths, ignores facts and fakes evidence in desperate attempt to support some delusion.

Two creepily similar examples:

1. Oh My Godot blog – "Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols are married and have 5 or 6 kids."
2. Hkn Haven blog – "Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are married and have a kid."

From Hkn Haven blog:

"Yep Kristen and Rob still have a baby. Did you think that would change? No they are not bad parents because they don't spend 24/7 together. They spend plenty of time as a family that we don't know about. 

Can't believe she (daughter) is two already! Adorable! Looking forward to the day when we get a pic like this of Rob, Kristen, and Sweet Pea. Sigh.

Yes they are married!

Is that his wedding ring on his finger? Could be. Wink.

She also said yes Kristen was in L.A on Rob's birthday. Taco stand she's pretty sure on but doesn't want to say 100 percent. July 4th is a definite yes.

As for where they live no she's not going to tell us where but yes they do live TOGETHER. Rob doesn't live under a bridge or sleep on an air mattress. He lives with Kristen and sleeps with her. Among other things.

Just because you don't see daily pics of them together like other celebrities who WANT to sell their relationship to the tabs doesn't mean their relationship doesn't exist. It most certainly does.

Having said that we are always still looking for clues to convince us what we already know to be true.

Rob and Kris are married and have a child. My husband believes this, too. You can't change our minds."

ALL that you can find posted on Oh My Godot blog, too.
Same fiction, same "arguments", same insanity.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Old Hollywood Closet

"But far and away the most fascinating of all of Hollywood's “New York Marriages” was of a couple who weren't married to one another at all - Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

In 1942 Hepburn, the defiantly “unfeminine” unashamedly upper-class star of comedy and drama (once deemed “Box Office Poison” when she hit a bad patch in the 1930's) filmed Woman of the Year, a huge comedy hit in which she co-starred for the first of nine times with Spencer Tracy. On-screen chemistry was such that more than one film fan imagined them married in “real life.” But Hepburn who was married to a gentleman named Ludlow Ogden Smith from 1928-1934 was single - though she lived “quietly” (as the Hollywood Closet would have it) with several women over the years.

Tracy, who married Louise Treadwell in 1923 stayed married to her until his death in 1967. And it was at that point the myth-making apparatus of the Tracy-Hepburn “love story” switched into high gear. They were indeed “a couple,” Hepburn apparently willing to put up with Tracy's alcoholic abusiveness as his wife never did. But those closest to the couple doubt that there was anything sexual about their co-dependency.

Tracy needed “looking after,” and one of the best places to do so was the bungalow of George Cukor's home that the great gay director had set aside for him and Hepburn. It was ideal also as long-time Cukor friend critic Kevin Thomas notes “Tracy loved to hear gossip.” And where better than at George's. As for “Kate” while her dalliances with director George Stevens and entrepreneur Howard Hughes have been noted, her sapphic sorties haven't been given much attention at all, even by bio-hagiographer A Scott Berg, whose Kate Remembered ranks as one of the of the least-revealing books of its kind ever written. Still Berg manages to “drop a hairpin” via a quote from producer Irene Mayer Selznick, who knew La Hepburn all-too-well.

Recalling how she once found a mysterious young women a Hepburn's town house and saw “an exchange between the two of them that suggested a level of intimacy she had never allowed herself to believe. 'Now everything makes sense,' Irene said to me. 'Dorothy Arzner, Nancy Hamilton - all those women. Laura Harding. Now it all makes sense. A double-gaiter. I never believed that relationship with Spence was about sex.” Indeed. For what it was really about was an actress who knew Hollywood's “New York Marriage” game so well, she could play it without even “going to New York.”

Could a modern Hepburn get away with such nonsense now? That's open to question."

Excerpt from Faking It : Hollywood's "New York Marriages" by David Ehrenstein

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Taylor Swift "Dates" Gay Men

"Power Beard" is a term branded to a person who has been dating gay men. Ironically, a Web site report had dubbed Taylor Swift as one given she had a history of dating a number of men who were allegedly gay.

Taylor Swift gay beard

The bearded-rumour all began thanks to recent reports that she's been spotted out and about with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has long been raising eyebrows in the media due to his sexuality. Recent reports suggest that the manly quarterback is actually gay yet his father claims otherwise saying he's engaged to a woman - a Christian at that.

Still, the Web site "The Fame Driven" is insistent on the claims that Rodgers is gay along with a slew of men Taylor Swift had briefly dated in her lifetime.

"Taylor Swift has long been suspected a 'power beard' for the throngs of men she's blown through in the past few years," states the report (via Sugarscape), adding, "Although none of the men Swift has dated have ever come out publicly, gay men have historically wondered about a few of her exes, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, and Taylor Lautner."

Source: Taylor Swift Dubbed 'Power Beard,' Allegedly Dated Gay Men: From Jake Gyllenhaal to Harry Styles

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Alyssa Miller Doesn't Beard Here Anymore

Jake Gyllenhaal decided to stop pretending he's dating Alyssa Miller.

No one will miss this fauxmance.