Saturday, 21 January 2017

Reality vs. Fan fiction 34

>> Chloe Bennet posted on February 8, 2017: Take me back here please. (Not pictured, epic bean bag jumping contest) ✨ #AustinNichols · Instagram photo

>> Annaleigh Ashford and Jake Gyllenhaal > Hudson Theatre Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony on February 8, 2017 · more photos

>> Jake Gyllenhaal: "This is what happens when Riva Marker (the badass president of NineStories) and I invite #CaryJojiFukunaga to rehearsals for our new Broadway musical. Check out this video we made! #SundayintheParkWithGeorge"

>> Austin Nichols posted on February 6, 2017 · Flying Wally video

Flying Zombie Wally. @clarkgregg said it best.

A video posted by Austin Nichols (@austinnichols) on

>> Jake Gyllenhaal and Greta Caruso in New York · February 5, 2017

>> Super Bowl TV spot for movie 'LIFE' + Official Trailer #2

>> The Worst Oscar Snub Of The Decade: Jake Gyllenhaal In 'Nightcrawler' #Uproxx

>> Photobombed by Jake Gyllenhaal. February 4, 2017 #SundayInTheParkWithGeorge · tweet by Ashley Park

>> Austin Nichols in Jackson, Michigan on February 2, 2017
> Elise: "Guys I met @AustinNichols (Spencer from The Walking Dead /Julian from One Tree Hill) tonight at work" · tweet and photos
> Elise: "he was with his sister" · tweet

>> Austin Nichols posted on February 1, 2017:
"The New Colossus - Emma Lazarus This poem sits underneath Lady Liberty, welcoming all those who have ever come to this great country. I know we can keep the beautiful ideas that built this country and toss away the old bad ones." · Instagram

>> Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. > YahooTV chat with Chloe Bennet on January 30, 2017

>> Ashley Park: Everybody love Leo Gyllenhaal, me included George. @SundayBroadway #bringyourpuptoworkday #rehearsal · January 28, 2017 · tweet

>> Austin Nichols posted on January 26, 2017 · Instagram video

>> Hudson Theatre > 'Sunday In the Park with George' tickets

>> LIFE cast: Who Is Joining Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal On This Deadly Space Mission?

>> Austin Nichols and Wally · January 23, 2017 · tweet · Instagram
>> Women's March on January 21, 2017

> Jake Gyllenhaal posted on Facebook: "I was so proud to stand with the women, men and children at yesterday's #WomensMarch on Washington. After months of fear and shame, the gathering was full of joy, defiance and hope. It was more clear than ever that women are the real stewards of our country's soul, and I will continue to follow their lead and show up." · source

> Austin Nichols posted: "I just feel lucky to be in the presence of such an incredible woman. @chloebennet #womensmarch" · Instagram

> Chloe Bennet, Jake Gyllenhaal, Greta Caruso and Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Washington Women's March · Jake and Greta Caruso · Chloe Bennet · Jake + Girl Power · more photos

>> SAG-AFTRA Foundation: Conversations with Jake Gyllenhaal video from December 1, 2016

>> Variety: Stephen Gaghan to Direct 'The Division' Movie Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain (EXCLUSIVE)

>> Will Oscars nominate Jake Gyllenhaal for 'Nocturnal Animals' to make up for that shocking ‘Nightcrawler’ snub?

>> Throwback Saturday
> Jake Gyllenhaal and Jay Z in New York City > Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets on May 10, 2014