Sunday, 14 December 2008

Love and Law

December 12, 2008

Toothy Tile Returns in...One Signed-Sex Blind Vice!

Another one bites the romantic dust. Sure, it's no secret that lots of Hollywood movie stars require confidentiality contracts — from their house cleaners, their assistants, their cooks and, yes, sometimes, even their lovers. We've mentioned this before.

Heartless as it may seem, some folks can't even get close to getting off unless they feel they'll be protected from any morning - after spills to the tabloids, thanks to whichever partner they happened to hook up with. Not really such the shocker there, once you think about it. But what's truly unusual is who we're told has now used this cold-as-ice, fine-print safeguard, you'll never guess...

Yes, it's our very own beloved closet cutie, Toothy Tile!

Love it, he's not so dumb after all, eh? I remember Toothy back from when he was getting it on in West Hollywood parking lots, for any cop to see. In fact one did see, but, of course, the Tooth got off, thanks to his powerful reps — sheesh, so predictable. But now comes word that Toothy's not only stepping out on the B.F. (unless this was done with his approval, perchance?), but he's doing it smartly, like, every other bigass, closeted dude in town does — contracts to sign, in hand.

Nice one, Tooth! The publicist-powered group you hang with nowadays musta taught you a thing or two, eh?

Oh, and you want the dirt from the guy who took his very own confidentiality agreement in hand and spilled the deets just the same? It was all lovely, we're told...the kind of loveliness that grows on ya, if you catch my naughty drift.

Oh, and that Toothy has something in common with Ryan Gosling: Such a cool demeanor, you'd have no idea the fire burning down below. None.

It Ain't: Ryan Gosling, Shia LaBeouf, John Krasinski

Source: Ted Casablanca's The Awful Truth